Smart Marketing | What Do Sex & The City & Amazon Prime Have In Common?

Written by Christine Cibula M.S. ~ Transformational Business Coach & Mentor ~ #JustAskCC

Have you ever wondered what makes for smart marketing, subtle alliances with brands we love, and reasons we can't even quite pinpoint for our sense of brand loyalty?


Well I have to say, went and did it again. Yes, they hit another home run. We're talking straight out of the ballpark. Or rather, since we're in the midst of football season, they threw the winning touchdown pass followed by a two point conversion that unequivocally won the game. Did you see it? In case you missed it...

What to my wandering eyes did appear, but six seasons of Sex and The City compliments of Amazon Prime, my dear! ~ Christine Cibula on Smart Marketing

Regardless of what you think of Sex And The City, everyone from The New Yorker to The New York Times has weighed in in the popular show. Whether you watched the originals on HBO, the censored version on TBS, or now the complete uncensored collection on Amazon Prime, there is much that came from the series, specifically for women. Women in general love it. Okay, not all women, but it did shake things up a bit (a lot). Men in general hate it. Although not all men. Some actually like it and have learned a lot about women from the show.

Just like Sara Jessica Parker's love affair with BIG, let me share that I have had an ongoing love affair with for years. Why? The list seems almost endless:

  1. Jeff Bezos brilliant model of doing business.
  2. Increasing inventory from books to every product I could possibly conceive of under the sun including the great stuff that I could only buy when I discovered them in a single specialty store (typically in one city) that I could never find again. I love that service.
  3. Online shopping right before Christmas and birthdays that allows me to quickly get something right up to the last minute if necessary (even if I had to pay for extra shipping overnight). And mostly reliable service through BROWN ~ i.e., UPS, unless the winter storm of Christmas past shut everyone down. Amazon saved my last minute shopping frenzy, pulling the rabbit out of the hat on the big day, more than once...
  4. Then came Amazon Prime, which for a nominal fee provided super fast shipping on everything I wanted without the extra overage charges for a nominal annual fee that took the heat off of the overnight shipping fees I had incurred in the past. I'd line up and salivate with an obedient Pavlovian response at the roar of the UPS truck as it came down my street. Was it going to stop in front of my house today?
  5. Plus, Amazon Prime gave me access to cool movies I might not have otherwise seen with my busy work and travel schedule, all "free of charge" ~ or rather wrapped into my membership. And they were smart about it, too, because some movies were there that I'd pay premium for just because I wanted to watch them that moment. Instant gratification satisfied and a bit of $Cha-Ching$ for Amazon in the mix.
  6. Yet more cool entrepreneurial articles in Fortune, INC, and Entrepreneur featuring Jeff Bezos and his brilliant business model in the top 5% of all Entrepreneurs, succeeding after many thought he would fail in the beginning, and somehow by being a customer, I'm associated with that forward thinking brilliance.
  7. Last but not least, I was so excited when I could log into Amazon Smile and a portion of my purchases now goes to, and organization I love for providing clean water wells to villages in undeveloped and impoverished communities.
  8. Wait! I've got one more... Don't even get me started on the wonders of Kindle downloads as I'm an avid late night reader.

An overwhelming number of women are online shoppers and do the shopping for themselves and/or the family online. I researched their online demographics and came up empty handed. Closest I came was an article posted on CNBC about online desktop and tablet sales for QVC who shared their demographic is 64% women between the ages of 35 to 64.

Why do I love Amazon so much? What Amazon promises me is continued fast and reliable service, products that arrive as pristine as if I had hand picked them off the shelves myself, the ability to do last minute shopping and still have an impact on the big day as if I shopped months ago and tucked it away in preparation for the celebration, and that wonderful feeling of seeing the UPS driver pulling up in front of my home to bring me the gift that keeps on giving.

So, back to that home run I was telling you about. I usually log into Netflix to watch something fun, entertaining, and easy on the brain when I need to chill out after a long day of being intensely on my game. However, with my Amazon Prime membership, I also have access to Amazon Prime Video and television shows. Every once in awhile one or the other of my services will freeze up for awhile for no known reason (streaming isn't perfect), which was the case the other night with Netflix.  So in a casual manner, I clicked on Amazon Prime to see if it opened up.

What to my wandering eyes did appear, but six seasons of Sex and The City compliments of Amazon Prime, my dear! The value of the box set alone is almost equivalent to the annual membership fee.

As an entrepreneur, I work long hours, and often times a lot of long hours back to back. Sex and The City was a companion of sorts in my 30's, always able to see a show and find some humor, some truth, and something to mull around and think about even if just for a little while about the complexity of human relationships. And when the show went off the air, I missed it, because much like Friends, there was a component of something comforting amidst the long work hours that left my life. As a woman, there is a deep emotional connection there whether I want to freely admit it or not. For those who watched, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte taught us all a "little something~something" about the rigors of dating, being single, friendship, love, heartache, life changes, and navigating through it all in pursuit of finding that special someone.

There was a pure sense of joy that as an Amazon Prime member I could watch all six seasons of Sex and The City. I probably wouldn't have cancelled my membership without it, but there was a deep sense of satisfaction that it was all wrapped up as and added bonus to the membership package. Just what "Dr. Feel Good" ordered. Even if I never click on a show, it is there for me to watch at my convenience. And even if I never watch an episode, every time I log in and see the season images, I'll remember the show fondly. I smiled as I realized if I felt that way, there are probably millions of women across America, in the United Kingdom, and worldwide who feel the same. Talk about a smart marketing move.

As a wrap, I want to reiterate the smart marketing moves made through their Amazon Prime membership. What do they have in common? Women are a huge percentage of the buying demographic purchasing. In fact, published an article in 2015 stating that women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchases through their influence and buying power. What's more is that by 2018 women are predicted to reach $18 trillion in annual earnings worldwide as predicted by a global professional service company EY. That is a lot of bank and buying power.

Women love convenience. and Amazon Prime afford that convenience. And for better or worse, women loved Sex And The City as evidenced by some amazing online reviews that can be found at The Guardian.

Renewing that annual Amazon Prime membership just felt better knowing there were 6 seasons of Sex And The City to enjoy at my leisure, between picking up favorite books and products at All this while supporting my favorite charity,, through my purchases made at Smart marketing at its finest!


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