Transform Your Business... Transform Your Life! ~ An iTunes Podcast by Christine Cibula, M.S.

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Transform Your Business... Transform Your Life! ~ An iTunes Podcast by Christine Cibula, M.S.

Business Strategy #1: Define clearly what you realistically want your business to look like in exceptional detail a year from today.

Business Strategy #2: Evaluate where you are now in your business honestly in your most challenging areas so you can focus on taking steps to bridge the gap.

Business Strategy #3: Create milestones and benchmarks to recognize your progress as you bridge the gap.

Business Strategy #4: Ask yourself, "How may I BEST serve my ideal clients?"

Business Strategy #5: Conduct a survey with your prospective clients to learn more about their needs and wants so you can provide that specialized content for them.

Business Strategy #6: Ask your top clients what they need most from you to help propel them forward. Then give it to them.

Business Strategy #7: Schedule an open coaching call-in day to talk with your clients and get connected.

Business Strategy #8: Give free live talks or teleseminars with high quality content frequently.

Business Strategy #9: Create a "Signature Info Product Suite" of your proprietary methods.

Business Strategy #10: Where do your ideal clients spend their social time? Join them.

Business Strategy #11: Does your web copy convey how your client will benefit? Be sure it does.