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iTunes Podcast #4: How May I BEST Serve My Ideal Clients?

In today's podcast Christine Cibula (aka CC) shares how important it is to be of great service as an entrepreneur.

Without further ado, let's take a deep dive into ~

Simple Strategy #4: Ask yourself, "How may I BEST SERVE my ideal clients?"

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If you look at the most successful businesses, they have mastered the fine art of combining specialized knowledge with being of service and filling a need their clients often times didn't even know they wanted or needed.

Sir Richard Branson created Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic out of an unusual need. He was in route from Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands to meet a beautiful woman who was waiting for him. They cancelled the flight because there weren't enough passengers to warrant the flight, but that beautiful woman was inspiration enough to find a workable solution. The only solution was to charter a private flight, but the cost to do so was a bit exorbitant. Rather than give up, he borrowed a blackboard and wrote VIRGIN AIRLINES at the top and then wrote $39 one way to BVI to help to cover his costs. He filled his first charter flight with the passengers who had been bumped from the flight and then some. Later he decided he was fed up with the way airlines treated their passengers, so he called BOEING to see if there were any 747's for sale. Indeed there were and Virgin Airlines was born.

Several of my clients and colleagues use Virgin Airlines today for their long flights from New York to LA or visa versa, and they all love the amenities and the experience. Why? Because the SERVICE is heads and shoulders above the rest and makes the travel experience easier and more pleasurable. Sir Richard Branson found a way to be of BEST SERVICE to his clients (and himself). HINT: Often times the need you have that you fulfill is a need others have, too. In fulfilling that need, and in the care Virgin Airlines provides today to remain "BEST IN CLASS", the airline continues to thrive.

Speaking of "BEST IN CLASS", Mercedes is a brand we often hear of that we associate with luxury vehicles, reliability, safety, standards, and integrity. My family has owned several Mercedes over the years. I actually still own a ML430 SUV that I purchased over a decade ago that will be reaching the 200,000 mile marker fairly soon over here. I use it to load up everything under the sun to go back and forth to ride my horse. And to this day, I still love my Mercedes. To me that is saying something pretty profound, because how many people can own a car for over a decade and still love driving it?

There are several reasons why I became a loyal customer to Mercedes: safety, longevity, and I'm treated wonderfully to this day even though my SUV has been paid off for years now. What that means is that when I go in for a service, I am given a loaner (a beautiful brand new Mercedes with usually less than 1000 miles on it to jet around town while mine is in service). Even if I'm having a bad day and it is something that just requires a short wait, they always treat me with the utmost kindness and respect with bottled water, cookies, and a lovely waiting area. I always get a detailed, clean, and shiny car back even if I've just driven in from the farm covered in dust. My service guy makes sure we discuss what needs to be done to remain road worthy and safe, but he cuts out all the extra stuff he could be adding on to keep me lean. And no matter what, if I drive in with my oil light on or a bulb out, they top me off and replace the bulb as a complimentary service. I'll say, "How much do I owe you?" And they respond, "No charge. We've got you covered. Have a great day!" And when I've been traveling, they have even taken me from the dealership to the airport. Mercedes has earned my business long term, because they provide so much SERVICE to me in all the normal areas as well as in areas I didn't even realize were important, but I have since come to greatly appreciate.

Even if you have a non-profit service organization, you can grow a phenomenal SERVICE business on donations and giving programs using the same principles. Charity Water is one such organization. Founder, Scott Harrison, was disenchanted with his life and decided to make a rapid departure and go to Africa. What he saw there forever changed him.  Undeveloped villages were full of people who needed to take HIV medication and they were dying not from the AIDS Epidemic, but from drinking polluted water. He returned to New York and realized that the money he and his friends could drop in a night of partying could literally provide the foundation to build clean water wells to support an entire village. The disconnect was so great he went on to found Charity Water. His story is phenomenal. It is worth Googling his TED Talks on how Charity Water came to be. Since 2006, Charity Water has helped fund 13,641 projects in 22 countries. This SERVICE based non-profit has benefitted over 4.6 million people in under a decade.

I'd love to hear how your business is focused on being of service to your clients in the next 12-18 months in the comments below.

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